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Campaign Designer is your to go tool for global digital campaign management and communication. Our platform lets you create full cross channel campaigns at scale. Fast. It facilitates the full creation and communication part with all your agencies and internal stakeholders. And it connects all your digital assets to any platform. It is intuitive. It is designed to reduce time, effort and costs.
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Team communication

Getting a campaign from idea to live requires many stakeholders with different roles and tasks. We built a workflow that actually matches your campaign ecosystem and digital campaign processes. Including flexible authorization levels and alert management. Campaign Designer will serve as your central platform, including (re)view options.
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Scalability is key

Scalability is key. To translate your offer, design or language across locations in seconds. To connect your product and recommendation feeds to all your digital assets. To turn your key message into targeted audience based campaigns at scale. Central in Campaign Designer is that you can manage campaigns on a large scale with a smaller team.
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Multichannel campaign management

From one single interface you can keep track of your full online campaign process for all your channels and digital assets. It is your single point of information where all the assets that are internally created or delivered by agencies which are grouped into cross channel campaigns. And more. We have also modules that let you create, design, schedule and publish any digital ad yourself: your social ads, display banners, landing pages and emails, even DOOH and dynamic video!
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Instant publishing

Get your campaign out there on one single click. We are connected to all the major platforms, e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Salesforce, Snapchat, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest. But more. We can also directly publish all your ads and campaign set-up to Facebook Ads Manager and Google Marketing Platform (CM and DV360). This allows you to instantly publish your content on all your channels and even fully schedule your paid advertising campaigns. Of course with your tactics and your structure.
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Our vision on online campaigns
Seamless campaigns
We integrate all your agencies and partners in one custom workflow that lets you get your message out there across any platform seamlessly.
Save time
By automating the creative production and the ad buying across platforms, you save time and can focus on what is truly essential.
We create an intuitive tech agnostic shell that allows you as a marketeer to create and publish your campaigns in minutes.


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