Our ad tech helps Basic-Fit to bring their digital advertising to superpower levels.

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The advantages of marketing automation and ad tech

Basic-Fit is making the power of fitness affordable and easy to access. And it works: Basic-Fit is now leading across 5 markets and 2.25 million members throughout Europe. Nowadays, if they desired, the team is able to create 5.000 assets per day. How do they manage? Ad tech and marketing automation tools from Cape are the answers you’re looking for. Read on!

The challenge without the tooling

Erica van Vonderen - Hahn, Marketing & E-commerce Director at Basic-Fit explains: “Basic-Fit is on a mission to make fitness accessible to everyone. A personalized approach in assets plays a key role in this. The fitness market in France is different from here in the Netherlands. The club that opens around the corner from you does not need to be advertised three cities further. The team wanted to switch easily and quickly.”

For a company that empowers so many people to take matters into their own hands, the creation of content was surprisingly not always in their own reach. A lot of production was outsourced, which led to lots of tuning in and coordination via meetings, email and phone.

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Marketing automation software for display

The campaign creation for display banners were the most urgent: these needed to be easily built and automatically published with all the correct settings. The Cape Display Craft tool was the perfect fit for them. With this campaign tool they are able to create, produce, publish and personalize display banner sets on a whim - certainly compared to what it took before.

Roddy van der Maat, Lead Content Marketing at Basic-Fit: “We can do a lot ourselves now, instead of hiring expensive agencies to do fairly simple work. For example, the head operation manager can adapt and publish the display sets himself. That link with Google CM360, DV360 or Facebook Business Manager is extremely important: you can put a campaign live right away.”

Automatizing advertisements for video and social

The Social Fit was soon added. By adding this tool, they can produce assets fit for all social channels in a matter of seconds, which is mostly video for Basic-Fit. With the Publish Engine everything is published live within a matter of minutes. Talking about easy!

Basic-Fit solution


The results are promising: they run up to 10 different campaign variants per market, which they distribute across different channels. All use different phases; touch, tell, sell. Each phase is related to the level of interest the consumer has shown. In the meantime, Basic-Fit can change the content of these advertisements and change the offer, even when the ad is already running.

Basic-Fit result

There are many creatives that they use to fill their ads and make them personally relevant, such as the countdown or the city of a located Basic-Fit club nearby potential member. Creating these personalized ads was a lot of hassle, now reduced to a simple click on a button.

But the most important result is that Basic-Fit is now the one behind the steering wheel. Van Vonderen: “Local teams can make adjustments themselves, instead of an agency doing that. This is not only cost efficient, but also much faster. In short: easy, dynamic, personal and quick to market.” Basic-Fit thus demonstrates that creating local assets is crucial in your growth strategy and easy when you are in control. This way you create sustainable solutions that help take the company to the next level.