Smart video ad automation

Create high-performing video ads that can be scaled easily to fit any format. Bring performance to the next level with creative variety and feed-based advertising.

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Design on-brand

Template-based design allows you to create new storyboards with flexible and dynamic elements. Produce audience-based variations or create new campaign concepts in a heartbeat. Select different content from your catalog, choose a focus point of your image or video, activate your animation or copy options, and you’re ready to go.


Make data count

Drive performance and render endless variations of your videos to see what works best. Personalize campaigns or create localized ads to target audiences with data feeds for price updates, local stores and more.


Publish in one click

Automate the assignment of creatives and your full media planning and buying processes. Push your content, campaign structures and bid strategies to any platform. Integrate directly with CM360, DV360, YouTube and Google Ads.


Features for smart video ads

Discover the most important functions for creating video ads

AB(CD) testing Storybook preview Automated scaling Manage languages Visual analysis Reporting

AB(CD) testing

Create multiple variations of a campaign in terms of color, visuals and copy. Choose between working manually or feed-based and achieve maximum results.

Storyboard preview

Instantly see what your different variations will look like when you are creating a campaign. Preview your storyboards, and see the results of your ads. Save time and get your campaigns ready in one go.

Automated scaling

Create video ads for a wide range of different formats and sizes. Edit individual ad formats to make your ads pixel perfect.

Manage languages

A unique translation module integrates Google Translate to serve as a starting point, imports translation files, and enables local marketing managers editing rights to create the perfect tone of voice.

Visual analysis

Use AI-based visual analysis to tag and categorize content, derive key insights from your visuals, objectify AB tests and create better performing content.


Track real time campaign performance across all your platforms in an integrated dashboard.

Explore the possibilities of video ads

Turn your ideas into smart video ads. Faster. Better. Easier

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Omnichannel campaigns

Create fit for channel messages for all digital touchpoints in one go. Whether you want to create display ads or a wide variety of stories, social ads, online video or DOOH, our unique template-based design supports it all.

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Asset localization

By automating the creation process you can improve your ad performance significantly. Generate hundreds of on-brand variations of your ads at scale in record time.

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Dynamic Creative Optimization

Start using rich visual content in your dynamic product feeds for Facebook. Based on the template we create stunning visuals.

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Just Eat is using Cape’s marketing automation software to accelerate their mission.

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Ad tech helps Basic-Fit to bring their digital advertising to superpower levels.

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