Essent’s ads change like the weather

Essent started using Cape for their new feed-based campaign. In order to promote their green energy services, Essent needs highly relevant ads that appeal to their target audience. What is more transparent than showing realtime earnings based on the actual weather forecast of your location?

Feed-based creatives updates daily
Real-time ads
Essent challenge image

The challenge

As sustainable energy is growing to be more important everyday, Essent emphasizes their green options, in this case solar energy. By advertising a specific location and its accessory weather, Essent ensures the customer that using solar energy is sustainable and saves money! Using feed-based ads that look at the client’s PR address or location also takes away the need for using cookies.

Demands for marketing automation

Essent needs their feed-based ads to be up-to-date, automated, and location-specific. The display variation consists of a leaderboard and a skyscraper that shows two different, but interconnected ads at the same time on a website. The skyscraper displays a thermometer with the local temperature, while the leaderboard shows the forecast for the upcoming 4 days and how much money you will save with solar energy.

The connected weatherfeed API contains a list of cities with the accessory forecast for the upcoming days. This includes: the total of hours the sun is shining, and the minimum and maximum temperature, so you can calculate the average. Essent then calculates how much money their clients can save per day according to this forecast. The output feed is automatically refreshed every night, so the ads remain as up-to-date as possible, and can then be published to DV360 and/or Campaign Manager. Want to experiment with text or color variations? You can change these while the campaign is live, so you can track performance per variation.


Feed-based advertising can be a lot of work, especially when you are working with various feeds that need to be updated constantly, and so are your ads. Luckily, Essent now saves a lot of hassle with almost 400 feed-based creatives that are automatically updated everyday. An important result for display is that Essent now shows two different, but interconnected ads at once. Also, no need for multiple feeds to make things complicated, as they are both connected to the same feed that is updated daily. Essent shows that with a great idea, the proper contextual data input and automation, and a little help from Cape, you can be super relevant.