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BMMA Martech days

This year, the BMMA (the Belgian Management & Martech Association) prepared their first ever edition of the Martech Days. This event was all about the latest innovations in Martech and Adtech and learning more about all the new products on the market today.

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Cape Hackaton: The First Edition

Here's how we think! This month, we organised our first ever Cape Product Hackaton where we explored our craziest and most out-of-the-box ideas for new features. Starting with a brainstorm in the morning, making the first trials during the day and presenting everything 8 hours later, we really explored the limits of Cape! Our first Hackaton was a great success, so many more editions to come and even more feature ideas to explore.

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How to stay consistent with digital ad creation that matches the company brand guide

Creating digital ads that match your company’s brand guide is crucial for maintaining consistency and building trust with customers. Here are 5 steps to help create digital ads that match your brand and ensure you stay consistent.

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The shortcut for succeeding TikTok ads

By now, we all know about the importance of TikTok. But how can you use the algorithm to your advantage and stand out of the crowd when there is so much content available on TikTok? Engaging and creative content is a recipe for success, but you’ll need a ton of it...

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How you can use visual analysis for better performing campaigns

Optimising and improving your ads can feel like a never-ending journey.  What creative elements will boost your campaign performance and what features should you pay extra attention to?

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Cape's 2022 Wrapped

As we wrap up another successful year, we wanted to take a moment to look back on our achievements before we continue our journey in the new year. We can't help but feel grateful and proud of all that we've accomplished. Here are some of Cape’s accomplishments of 2022 in a nutshell!

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How Cape powers your ad tech stack

Why should you add another ad tech platform to your current stack and how Cape adds to your current ad-servers and DSPs.

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Reporting (2)Products and features

Introducing: Reporting

Cape introduces our in-tool reporting feature. Instantly see how all your campaigns in different ad platforms are performing.

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How do you manage your campaigning in-house?

In-housing is an emerging trend for many companies. But what parts of your campaigning should you move in-house and what exactly should be handled by the experts?

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Three ways to manage global campaigns with local agility

Different markets ask for different campaign needs, so scaling high-quality local ad campaigns can be difficult and time-consuming. Read more about how Cape makes your campaigns ready for take-off in no time.

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Peach: Introducing Cape

Cape recently got acquired by Peach, the worldwide market leader in video advertising workflow and delivery. Read more about what they have to say about Cape in this blog!

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Peach Acquires Cape to Supercharge Digital and Social Creative Ad Workflow

Press release: A significant step that expands Peach’s capabilities across the advertising workflow

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How to get started with retail media?

Read in this article on Emerce on why and how you should start with a retail media approach for your website

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1@3xProducts and features

Introducing: Template Designer

Cape also offers a self-service solution in addition to a managed setup. Read more on our brand new innovation

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How does the online travel industry capture the volatile demand?

Read more about what opportunities players in the online travel industry are missing out on...

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Why you should include TikTok in your media planning

Read in this Cloudfare blog how Tiktok topped Google as most popular domain at the moment.

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damProducts and features

Introducing: Digital Asset Management

With growing content there is a need for digital space. Manage, tag and assign assets that integrate with our solutions

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VIA Nederland on the benefits of automation

Our partner VIA Nederland released an interesting article on why automation is so important for programmatic.

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Cape 2 years

Cape celebrates 2 years!

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Proximus EmerceBlog

Proximus chooses Cape for marketing automation

Proximus starts creating campaign with Cape's SaaS software. Read in this article on Emerce why Proximus chose Cape.

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four misconceptionsBlog

4 misconceptions about automation

Read in our blog on Marketingfacts what mistakes are often being made in automation, and how to avoid making these.

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basicfit visualBlog

Content a la carte: how Basic-Fit does it.

If you really want to localize content, you often face an organizational challenge. Read here how Basic-Fit does this

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ABN AMRO Tech Pitch Event 2021

Look back at the entire event, or fast forward to 45:00 when Michiel Blonk introduces Cape.

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Update: new website live

Our new website is now live! Check out our updated solutions, features and more.

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feed managerProducts and features

Introducing: Feed manager

Cape introduces feed based advertising. Connect, transform and apply live data feeds to your campaigns.

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Video cropping tool 2Products and features

Introducing: in-tool videocropping

Cape is bringing automation to video editing. With our new update, you can now crop videos in-tool.

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