Introducing: Email Building with Cape

calendar icon08 May 2023

time icon3 min read

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Email marketing remains a crucial part of any business's marketing strategy (see our other blog one this as well!). It allows you to connect with your audience, build relationships, and influence purchasing decisions. However, email management can be a challenge for many organizations, especially when it comes to creating and sending high-quality, personalised emails. That's where Cape's new email building feature comes in.

Cape's email feature enables you to set up your full multi-channel campaign, including email, from one environment. What's more, it's user-friendly and designed to make email building easy for non-experts, streamlining the process from start to finish.

Prepare best-in-class email campaigns, featuring custom email building blocks with features such as image uploads, dropdown selectors, and feed integrations. These building blocks can be mixed and matched to create a unique, personalised email that resonates with your audience. What's more, you can create emails without needing any email coding, meaning you can set up personal emails in just minutes.

Cape's email builder is like a LEGO set for email. You can choose from pre-existing blocks or design your own blocks to meet your specific needs. We believe that with a set of up to 20 blocks, you can create any email you need. The email blocks are then converted into HTML blocks, and the Cape team links the input in the blocks to input fields for the end-user.

Some of the main advantages:

  • With real-time previews as you make adjustments. This feature allows you to see your email as you build it, making it easy to move blocks around or make changes as needed. Plus, you can effortlessly move blocks as you build your email, and you can prevent blocks from being moved or removed if needed.

  • Share your email as a preview for stakeholders. With this feature, they can easily switch between a mobile and desktop view. You can also create several versions of your email and assign the email to an A or B version for testing.

Once you've built your email, Cape offers various publishing options. You can publish your final email to different external platforms, and the email will be placed in the library. A plain HTML export is also possible.

Are you ready for a complete game-changer for organisations looking to improve their email marketing campaigns? Schedule a demo and give it a try to see how it can help you boost your campaign success.