Introducing: Email Building with Cape

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calendar icon08 May 2023

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Email marketing remains a crucial part of any business's marketing strategy (read our blog on the relevance of email marketing here). It allows you to connect with your audience, build relationships, and influence purchasing decisions. However, we can imagine that you're tired of struggling with email management and creating personalised, high-quality emails for your marketing campaigns. Look no further! Cape's email building feature is here to revolutionise your email marketing strategy.

Designed with busy marketers in mind, our user-friendly tool allows you to set up your full multi-channel campaign, including email, all in one environment. Imagine having a LEGO-like email builder, where you can mix and match custom building blocks featuring image uploads, dropdown selectors, and feed integrations. We believe that with a set of up to 20 blocks, you can create any email you need. No coding skills required – you can create unique, personalised emails that resonate with your audience in just minutes!

Key benefits include:

  • See your email as you build it with the real-time preview feature. You can easily move blocks around or make changes on the fly, ensuring your email looks perfect before sending. 

  • Share your email as a preview with stakeholders, switch between mobile and desktop views, and even conduct A/B testing to optimise your campaigns. 

  • Break language barriers and effortlessly scale your email campaigns across various markets. Translate your emails quickly using Google Translate API, ChatGPT integration, or feeds from translation agencies. 

Once you've crafted your perfect email, Cape offers multiple publishing options to suit your needs. Publish your email to different platforms or export it as plain HTML – the choice is yours. 

Are you ready to take your email marketing to the next level? Schedule a demo and see how Cape's email building feature can boost your campaign success and simplify your marketing efforts!