Recap of DMEXCO in Cologne

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calendar icon02 October 2023

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DMEXCO 2023, held in Cologne, served as a great platform for us to showcase our capabilities alongside our colleagues from Peach. Participating in various facets of the event, we engaged in booth activities, pitched at the startup stage, competed in a startup competition, and hosted a masterclass. Let's dive in!

  • With a booth in the Start-Up Area, we were glad to be part of a hub of creativity and innovation. We had lots of interesting conversations and demo's here and lots of sustainable merch to give away!

  • During the 2-day event we also roamed the different halls of DMEXCO with a Polaroid camera to take candid pictures of everyone attending the event. This was a great hit and a fun way to connect to people with the picture as conversation starter.

  • Stepping onto the Start-Up stage, our founder Michiel Blonk delivered a pitch about Cape and our offerings. This led to increased foot traffic and meaningful engagements at our booth after!

  • This year Startup Valley partnered up with DMEXCO for the "Start-up of the Year Award". We were able to showcase Cape in the Tech and Startup area of DMEXCO - and with great success! We are very excited and proud to announce that we are in the top 3 startups of this year.

  • We didn’t just stop at pitches and competitions; we hosted a masterclass that delved deep into the best practices of campaign automation. Drawing from a real-world example—the client case of Just Eat— we unraveled the challenges faced by a major player in the food delivery industry. The masterclass, attended by around 250 people, was a great success and good way to showcase our tailor-made solutions.

We are thrilled to share a glimpse below into our experience at DMEXCO this year! Kudos to our phenomenal team, the dynamic event, and everyone who made DMEXCO a great experience. A massive thank you to the DMEXCO community for the inspiration, connections, and unforgettable moments.