Recap of NextM "All Fun and Games" event in Stockholm

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calendar icon01 May 2023

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We recently had the pleasure of attending the NextM event in Stockholm, and what an event it was! The theme was "All Fun and Games", and there was definitely no shortage of either. From interesting talks to VR experiences, there was something for everyone at this event.

One of the highlights of the event was seeing all the new technologies and AI features from different companies. It was fascinating to see how they're being used in digital marketing, and the possibilities they present for the future. Two big topics that stood out were environmentally friendly media and metaverse/AI in marketing technologies.

We were also thrilled to have our own talk in one of the breakout rooms, which was a full house. We discussed the biggest challenges in digital marketing in 2023 and how to approach them with creative and campaign automation. It was great to share our insights and expertise with others in the industry.

Overall, the event was a great success. We met lots of interesting people, saw some of the coolest new features and possibilities for digital marketing, and had great entertainment throughout (and after) the day. It was clear that the vibe of the event truly lived up to its theme of "All Fun and Games". We can't wait to see what NextM has in store for us next year!