The AI Advantage: How We're Leveraging Cutting-Edge Technology at Cape

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calendar icon10 March 2023

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is growing at an enormous rate. In the past few years, we have seen significant advancements in AI technology, mainly in industries such as healthcare, finance, transportation, and entertainment. At Cape, innovation is of paramount importance and we believe that AI can also offer great opportunities for creative digital campaigns. We’re excited to announce that the Cape tool just got richer for a whole set of powerful creative features. Here’s how we use AI at Cape:

Dynamic images in ads

The new AI features allow the creation of visuals simply by describing the image in words. As Cape, we allow quick and easy ad creation. That’s why we’ve added this feature into our asset library. Whenever selecting an image, you can choose for uploading, picking from the asset library, selecting from external channels or just generating it. This sparks creativity and can result in fully new ad ideas.

Ask the image generator to create anything. For example, “smartphones floating in space” and the AI tool will create it for you in just seconds. 

Text generation

Cape’s new AI feature can now also write big paragraphs of texts, simply by requesting it in one sentence. We have connected OpenAI ChatGPT to the Cape environment to allow dynamic text creation. Ask the text generator to write anything, from emails to landing pages, and it will be ready in just seconds. 

Automated labelling

In our asset library you can benefit from automated labelling, powered by AI. By image recognition we add tags, recognise the location where the picture was taken and enrich other metadata. This will enable you to easily find images and have an organised campaign set-up.


In addition, we have integrated dynamic audio in Cape, enabling you to generate voice overs. Apart from the dynamic audio composing, we also allow text to speech via different AI api’s.

Video visual analysis

We now offer visual video analysis in the Cape environment. This feature imports videos and analyses the content using AI. With that data, we recognise objects, emotions and people and we can turn that into valuable insights for the end user. Think about checking for brand guidelines and quality assurance to make your content perform even better.