Webinar: "Elevate and Automate: Unleashing AI in Creative Campaigns with Cape"

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calendar icon01 December 2023

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Artificial intelligence is taking a pivotal role in the global landscape, especially in marketing and the process of creating digital campaigns. Cape is staying ahead of the curve with a number of AI enabled automation features that we showcased on our latest webinar titled “Elevate and automate: Unleashing AI in creative campaigns with Cape”. 

During this webinar, we took a deep dive into a range of the functions of our platform led by our hosts Maria Bravo, our International Business Development Manager; Tom Verboven, our Product Owner; and Max Dobbelsteen, our Product Designer.


  • AI-powered creative analysis and creative enhancement: this consists of using AI-driven insights to analyse video and raw image materials, giving users the ability to align content with best practices for relevant platforms and brand guidelines. 

  •  Enhance creatives using features like the background and object remover, image editor, upscaler, and expander. You can even create creatives using Cape’s AI features through prompt based image generation, voice over creation and copy generation through a Chat GPT integration to the platform. Cape’s AI features also allow users to precisely tag and label content with unprecedented precision and efficiency, making the entire campaign creation process faster, better, and easier. 

  • Sidekick: Cape’s in-tool AI driven helper, which allows you to navigate the platform easily, answering all your questions about the functionalities of the Cape environment and offering valuable insights into your campaigns.

  • Coming soon: we revealed a few exciting things that are coming up in our development pipeline like automatic A/B variation and eventually having the ability to create fully chat driven campaigns. 

AI is an extremely powerful new technology that we’re excited to integrate more into our platform and allow you to leverage it to improve your campaign creation process. If you’re interested in finding out more, don’t hesitate to reach out to our sales team for a demo at Sales@cape.io