Black Friday Frenzy: Unleashing the Potential of Creative Campaign Automation

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calendar icon17 November 2023

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Black Friday, once a post-Thanksgiving tradition in the U.S., has transformed into a global shopping extravaganza. It's a day of mega-deals and shopping chaos, fueled by the thrill of finding the best discounts. However, a growing concern has emerged in the past years. The worry that Black Friday and Cyber Monday contribute to mindless consumption and environmental issues, especially with the rise of online shopping. Yet, for businesses, Black Friday is a golden opportunity. It's a chance to clear inventory, attract new customers, and boost revenue. The challenge lies in participating while being mindful of sustainability.

But whether you are participating in Black Friday or not, there's a lot of campaign stress as the end-of-year approaches. Let's guide you through this busy start of the holiday season by tackling these common challenges! 

Scaling Relevant Ad Creation

Black Friday campaigns ask for an insane amount of content with dozens of local interpretations, like market specific offers, deals, translations, and city- or even street names. Manually creating that content can feel like an impossible job. Connect to feeds to automate ad creation and always have up-to-date deals. 

  • Do you struggle to stand out in the over-crowded market? Easily grab attention with auto-optimised ads, like A/B(C/D/E) testing, to prevent ad fatigue and shine on Black Friday.

  • Are your products selling out faster than anticipated? Or is one category lagging behind? Automatically push, remove, or pause ads based on your selected criteria.

  • Create urgency during the Black Friday frenzy by adding countdowns to show how long the deal is still valid or to unlock new promotions. 

  • Target your customers based on their proximity to the store or interest in the product to effectively reach them during the Black Friday ad overload. 

Maintaining On-Brand Local Marketing

Local teams and franchises often lack the expertise to create strong campaign concepts in line with the brand identity, though they do have different products and deals they want to promote, especially during days like Black Friday. Empower them with a campaign library with on-brand ads that are ready to use. Cape’s input validation functionalities ensure that local teams and franchises can only change those elements in the campaign that are essential for the local touch, such as product, destination or the offer they want to promote.

Centralising Campaign Management

Black Friday can lead to a lot of frustration and ping ponging back and forth with agencies, brand teams and marketers, especially when launching in multiple markets. Mastering your campaign management means that last-minute promotions or deals pose no challenge. With an efficient workflow where everyone is working, approving, and chatting in the same environment, missed opportunities become a thing of the past.

A stress-free start of the holiday season

As Black Friday is around the corner, these solutions will ease the campaign pressure you are facing. Use feeds, a campaign library, and a centralised campaign management to eliminate frustration and maximise opportunities. Navigate the Black Friday chaos with these solutions for a successful and stress-free start of the holiday season. Happy campaigning!