Catch Up on June’s Exciting Event Highlights!

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calendar icon04 July 2024

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Last month, our team had the incredible opportunity to connect, educate, and present at three exciting events! We participated in Emerce Digital Marketing Live and the DDMA Creative Mixer in Amsterdam, as well as DMWF Global in London. These gatherings were packed with networking, knowledge-sharing, and inspiring discussions. We are thankful for these engaging events and the many personal connections we made. It was truly exciting to be part of these dynamic gatherings and to connect with companies and leading brands worldwide to share our vision and passion.

Emerce Digital Marketing Live - June 6th

Together with Paul de Graaf, Head of Feed Management at Netprofiler, we presented our joint case for New York Pizza. During our deep-dive, we demonstrated how our advanced feed mapping system efficiently handles their promotions, store information, and budgets. As a result, they now generate over 18,000 dynamic ads every month and automate 1.2 million budget adjustments annually. These implementations have led to a boost in sales, lowered their campaign setup time by 55%, reduced CPC by 11%, and improved local visibility. This innovative approach has earned digital marketing awards, showcasing leadership in local store marketing. 

Creative Mixer Hosted by DDMA - June 11th

Together with Roddy van der Maat, International Content Lead at Basic-Fit, we discussed how Basic-Fit successfully uses campaign automation. Basic-Fit already successfully used Cape to streamline the creation of personalised display and social ads for their gyms. Now, they also use Cape to manage thousands of video ads across 6 European markets (and languages) and 1400+ locations using a single spreadsheet. This includes club locations, offers, and language variations for automatic creative production, ad serving, and targeting. 

DMWF - June 25th and 26th

In London, we connected with many of you at our booth and talked about the transformative power of marketing automation. Together with Edwin Driehuijs, Product Owner at Philips, we discussed how Philips successfully uses campaign automation which saved them millions. With campaign automation, Philips achieved global campaign agility and reduced the campaign process from 28 to 8 days. Plus, they have six times faster ad creation than before.