A Picture's Worth a Thousand Clicks: How to Use Visual Analysis for Better Campaigns

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calendar icon12 January 2023

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Optimising and improving your ads can feel like a never-ending journey. What exactly will boost your campaign performance and what features should you pay extra attention to? Visual analysis AI can help you make data-informed decisions about your ad product to boost your ad performance. Read along to find out what Visual Analysis AI entails and how it can help you reach your digital marketing goals.

Visual AI is the ability for computer vision to perceive images the same way humans would and make choices based on this visual understanding. Digital marketing is becoming more and more visual and the power of AI can help understand and process images at a massive scale. At Cape, we constantly innovate to make digital marketing faster, better and easier. It has become increasingly important to constantly report and improve ad performance. Therefore, Cape has implemented visual analysis and uses it to automate ad optimisation. Cape enables you to measure the performance of your ads before even publishing them, which can have a great impact on the performance of your ads.

At Cape, we already enable our users to create different A/B tests. But, it will be even more powerful when you could give feedback to designers or creators during the design process. A visual can gain much better results when improving different creative aspects, like the brightness, colours, contrast, rule of thirds, copy, and many other aspects. The effect of those different visual aspects on ad performance has been researched in the past and Cape uses that data to analyse your ad-performance before publishing. This is done, for instance, via Google Vision API and various Javascripts libraries and can even be automated. Based on available research, we score images on various scales, like colour, composition, sharpness, brightness, logo positioning scale, facial expression, text, etc. This is only the first step of our visual analysis AI. Our next goal is to combine this with actual ad performance and create a self-learning system to optimise your ads automatically.