Maximising Impact: Unveiling Meta's Advantage+ Catalogue Ad Innovations

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calendar icon13 May 2024

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In today's digital marketplace, meaningful customer connections are more important than ever. However, factors like high competition, immense content demand, privacy regulations, and cookie limitations can make it challenging to reach your audience effectively. Meta’s Advantage+ catalogue ad developments make sure your beautiful products and ads will not go unnoticed.

Meta’s Advantage+ catalogue ad developments

Earlier this year, Meta introduced major updates to its Advantage+ Shopping campaigns to help advertisers connect with their customers. Connect your product catalogue and create dynamic always-on campaigns for your catalogue image and video ads. Thanks to AI, advertisers can now deliver personalised product recommendations based on people’s interests and behaviour

Targeting with Meta

Meta offers two targeting options to reach your customers across different stages of the funnel.

  • Use broad audience targeting to connect with those who haven't purchased or visited your website yet, but show interest in your business.

  • Use retargeting to connect with those who have already shown interest in a specific product and need a little nudge to complete their purchase.

Transform your catalogue ads from bland to brilliant with Cape

While Meta enables easy catalogue ad creation and targeting, how are you going to stand out in this overcrowded dynamic advertising market? Bring life to the conventional white-background product display and make your catalogue easily stand out with Cape’s campaign automation. In our one-stop-shop environment, you can:

  • Effortlessly create and scale eye-catching remarketing and localised campaigns for image and video

  • Seamlessly connect with Meta (Advantage+) and other social platforms for an easy campaign setup and automated publishing

  • Get rid of repetitive manual processes in your trafficking and campaign activation processes

Scale your social campaigns in minutes by linking your catalogue feed to our Template Designer and enjoy a seamless experience across all your campaigns and ad accounts. Incorporate your brand guidelines into the template so you never miss the mark, and run A/B tests for even better ad performance.

Our templates support all formats including single image/videos, carousels, collections, reels and stories. Plus, you are not charged based on ad revenue - only a licence fee, with potential video rendering costs for high-volume needs (1000+ videos). Our foolproof setup enables you to make any adjustments without any in-depth (design) knowledge . Say goodbye to waiting on the design team or agency for changes - easily edit video/image materials for maximum flexibility and control.