Introducing: After Effects Plugin

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calendar icon03 April 2023

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A Complete Guide to the AE Plugin

Cape’s current creative possibilities are powered by our in-tool Template Designer, where you can create and scale awesome designs for social, display, video and DOOH. Add to that our email and landing page builder and you can basically make any type of campaign without leaving the Cape environment.

With our newest addition, this changes! For the videos you create in After Effects (AE), we now offer an AE plugin to simplify creative versioning.  If you want your designer to maintain the same workflow, allowing them to create beautiful designs and motion graphics, our AE plugin can help eliminate the repetitive task of creative versioning and variation. Let's dive in and take a closer look at what it offers.

5 steps to start creative versioning with AE

1. Create your Video in AE as usual 

Designers can continue to create video ads in After Effects just as they normally would. Utilising all of the creative freedom and functionality that Adobe has to offer, including custom animations, special effects, and more.

2. Upload to finalised video in Cape

After your video file has been created in AE as usual, you can simply upload the zip file into Cape. Once you upload your project into Cape, the plugin automatically reads all the layers in your video creation, so you can easily decide what elements you should be able to change for creative versioning. This gives you the complete control over every aspect of your video ad.

3. Select the dynamic variables

After Cape has detected the different layers in the zip file, you can select which layers you want to make dynamic. Think of the text, headline, sublime, product image and CTA. 

You can connect real-time feeds to these layers to ensure that every market variation automatically includes the latest pricing, product specs, images, translations, and offers per location. But, this can also be done manually of course. This step allows anybody can now make changes in the video file, even without AE experience!

4. Work in the creative builder and see all variables

Now that you have decided what layers you want to be dynamic, and how your interface setup looks like, you can open the creative builder. The creative builder shows you the template for creative versioning based on your AE file.

5.  Start scaling! Create countless variations in no-time, without rendering. 

Create as many variations as you like. Connect feeds or use the in-tool translation feature to create countless video ad variations in just seconds. All automated! 

So.. What are you waiting for?

With Cape's After Effects plugin, businesses can scale and localise unique and engaging video ads in a fraction of the time it would normally take. Whether it's tweaking the text, adjusting the colour scheme, or experimenting with different variations, our plugin offers the tools and flexibility you need to create ads that will captivate your audience and drive conversions.