Recap of MADFest in London

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calendar icon10 July 2023

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Last week, our team had the incredible opportunity to participate in the MADFest event in London. It was an experience filled with networking, knowledge-sharing, and inspiring talks. We were thrilled to be a part of this vibrant gathering and connect with like-minded startups and leading brands from various industries. In this recap, we highlight some of the memorable moments and key takeaways from MADFest London 2023.

During 4, 5, and 6 July, MADFest provided an excellent platform for forging connections and building relationships with individuals and companies in the marketing and advertising field. We thoroughly enjoyed engaging with fellow professionals, exchanging ideas, and exploring potential collaborations. It was inspiring to witness the passion and innovation present within the MADFest community, and we look forward to nurturing the connections we made during the event.

One of the highlights of MADFest was the opportunity to pitch our product on one of the event's main stages. The chance to showcase our offering to E.ON (and a diverse audience) was an great experience. We received positive feedback and insightful questions, which further validated our vision and motivated us to continue pushing boundaries. MADFest's Brand Innoavtion stage provided an excellent platform to increase awareness of our product and generate interest among potential partners and clients.

Look at our pitch from 20:00 onwards!

Throughout the event, MADFest London featured an impressive lineup of speakers, including renowned brands such as Coca Cola, leading agencies, and industry experts from TikTok. Attending these talks provided us with a wealth of knowledge and insights. We learned about the latest trends, emerging technologies, and innovative marketing strategies that are shaping the industry.

MADFest's House of Innovation was a hub of excitement and creativity. It provided a unique opportunity for startups and scaleups to showcase their groundbreaking products and services. We had the pleasure of connecting with other innovative companies, exchanging experiences, and discussing potential synergies. The House of Innovation fostered a collaborative environment, allowing us to learn from each other and explore exciting possibilities for future collaborations.

See you next year MADFest!