Campaign Automation 101: Streaming Services

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calendar icon10 November 2023

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The biggest ad challenges for streaming services today and how to overcome them

Imagine you are a streaming service active in 50+ countries, where every country has different titles added every week with country-specific preferences and streaming rights. All the different series, rights, and logos need their own ads per country and channel to fit the entire omnichannel approach. But how do you localise premium content for weekly global campaigns? What you need: an automated setup, a strong DAM solution and features to stand out from the competition (e.g. Rotten Tomatoes reviews in your ads).

Premium weekly content for an omnichannel approach can only be achieved with automation. While this might sound like a big statement, streaming services face the challenge of creating and delivering an insane amount of content. With new releases every week, each accompanied by its own announcement that needs adaptation across all channels and countries, the demand for content production is relentless. On top of that, streaming services often have different branding types for their owned series, movies, premium features and imported shows (e.g. HBO, Disney, Universal, etc), the entire process of getting all visual specs right for every format and country is practically impossible without the right ad tech. 

Campaign automation can enable streaming services to deliver this insane amount of content, while staying on brand and following all the previously mentioned rules and regulations. At Cape, we can create a truly tailor-made set-up according to your needs. As for streaming services, we would recommend including the following:

  • Digital Asset Management — ​​Empower your local teams with a campaign library with ads that are ready to use. Make searching, organising and analysing assets easier, and make sure that your team has time to do things that matter: creating awesome marketing concepts. Quickly upload any type of assets, such as images, video, audio, fonts or even full campaign formats. Your seamlessly integrated teams, partners and other stakeholders can easily use the campaign-specific assets that are always following all the rules and regulations. 

  • Feed-based creation and ad ops — Streaming services can automate tailored campaigns using feeds based on data, enabling automated creation but also modification, pushing, and pausing - all without touching a single button. These data sheets also allow you to include specific details in your ads, such as Rotten Tomatoes reviews and the weekly top 10 films/series.

With this setup, you can effortlessly create, scale and deliver an all-round campaign across different channels in a matter of hours instead of weeks. The feeds will enrich your templates to create amazing campaigns. So: more agility in your campaigning and more time to focus on best practices!