Recap of Emerce Digital Marketing Live in Amsterdam

calendar icon06 July 2023

time icon2 min read

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Emerce Digital Marketing Live is the place to get cutting-edge updates on the latest developments in digital marketing & advertising. The event is a playground to discover today's tools and strategies and get inspired by big names and brands from all over the world. Overall, we have met ambitious peers, listened to talks and panel discussions and joined experts for a deeper dive into multiple topics.

Our founder, Eelco, presented at one of the stages about how Cape is streamlining workflow operations. He provided an explanation about how Cape has all content in a single location, allowing all stakeholders to conveniently access and launch campaigns at any time. He also highlighted the advantages clients can gain from feed-based campaigning and discussed our current implementation of AI at Cape, along with our future plans in AI integration.

During the presentation, we joined forces with our client KLM, dove into their case and showed the tools and strategies we implemented into their set-up. KLM is currently active in almost 70 countries, which obviously brings some challenges with its own distinctive campaigns, pivotal moments, country-specific travel add-ons, and hundreds of destinations. With Cape, KLM is now able to effortlessly create, scale, and publish thousands of campaigns annually for 167 destinations across 67 markets. 

Overall, it was a great and inspiring event that we're looking forward to attending next year. Thanks to everyone who made it such a success!