Navigating the Choppy Waters of the Travel Industry: How to Capture Volatile Demand

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calendar icon28 January 2022

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The ongoing challenge within travel advertising

Pricing offers within the travel industry are constantly fluctuating in terms of supply and demand. These vary per destination and are constantly influenced by factors like events, competition, weather and many other variables. On top of these dynamic conditions, digital marketing faces another big challenge: the consequences of COVID-19. As noted in this article from Google, COVID-19 has led to frequent change s in travel restrictions from one moment to the next, resulting in more last-minute holiday cancellations. So, how can you ensure that your pricing and campaigns adjust in real-time to match the ever-changing supply and demand?

Three Ways to Increase Profit by Changing Your Current Approach

Feed-based Automation

Given the dynamic nature of pricing, integrating a feed-based setup into your creative and campaign processes is essential. This setup incorporates real-time variables, including website traffic data, local weather conditions, and competitor prices. It enables you to pause campaigns during specific periods or automatically adjust creatives to convey a more compelling message when your offer is less competitive in terms of pricing.

Outperform Your Competition with Pricing and Campaigns

The prospect of rolling out cross-channel campaigns in just one day may seem too good to be true, but with creative automation, you can create dynamic campaign concepts using templates. This allows you to launch your campaigns with a few clicks and put them live immediately.

Retail Media

In the online travel industry, there is a wealth of first-party data available, making a retail media approach within reach. Currently, this approach is underutilised, despite the fact that travel-related searches are at an all-time high. Streamline the entire request and execution process with a self-service environment where campaigns are prepared, monitored, and automatically published across your website, newsletters, paid advertising channels, and off-site platforms.