The Future of Creativity: How Automation Empowers Human Ingenuity

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calendar icon27 November 2023

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In the enchanted realm of marketing, there's a buzz about automation overshadowing human creativity. But it’s not a battle; instead, they are joining forces to create a powerful synergy. Human touch is still the secret ingredient for achieving maximum impact in the competitive landscape of modern marketing. Join us on this journey where the synergy of technology and human touch transforms marketing strategies into masterpieces.

When technology meets human touch

It's undeniable that cutting-edge technologies outpace human capabilities in identifying and rectifying performance issues, but the misconception lingers that replacing humans with technology holds the key to solving all marketing challenges. Implementing tech to identify and correct performance issues can boost performance by 20%, but taking humans completely out of the process won’t solve all your problems. Incorporating human input is still essential and can boost your campaign performance by another 15%, on top of the 20% driven by technology.

Boost performance

According to BCG, the synergy between technology and the human touch can improve campaign performance in three areas.

  • Boost your audience reach and lower your cost per acquisition (CPA) by matching your campaign strategy with technology settings. This involves adjusting bidding strategies and clearly defining and measuring the desired actions from consumers

  • Boost sales and speed up machine learning processes by making smart choices about where and how you promote your product, considering factors like seasonal trends or where a customer is in their buying journey. 

  • Boost marketing effectiveness and save resources by matching the right audiences and messages with where customers are in their buying journey.

At Cape, we also believe humans and tech are the perfect combination. Humans, with their creative powers, create beautifully designed ads, while Cape automates the scaling, versioning, and testing. But this collaboration goes beyond design and creativity—humans fine-tune marketing strategies using detailed ad performance reports provided by Cape.

And, the human touch also plays a pivotal role in creating and connecting feeds, while Cape efficiently handles automated ad creation, scaling, publication, and targeting. The result? A seamless collaboration for powerful and efficient advertising.