Video Marketing Made Easy: The Ultimate Guide to Creative Versioning

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calendar icon26 April 2023

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While image (social and display) advertising have its challenges, the inefficiencies in scaling video ads are even more evident because of long rendering times. If you're going to push a video campaign across multiple markets, you have to take into account the multiple languages, products, formats, and video lengths... Which quickly comes down to dozens or even hundreds of video variations. This, coupled with high production costs, a lot of frustration and ping ponging back and forth with translation agencies, brand teams and marketers can make video advertising at scale a burden for marketers, especially when launching in multiple markets.

At Cape, we have a solution to this video scaling problem. We provide dynamic templates that scale your creative ideas, so you can make hundreds of variations from just one master file. These templates are especially interesting for recurring video concepts, where the set-up can be used for multiple campaigns. But, even for one-off campaigns, templates come in handy when you want to automate your local versioning. Cape offers templates to localise and scale your video ads efficiently across all markets. Manually or using feeds, you can add local outros, disclaimers, tailored copy and other elements like market specific prices, translations, cities, or names, all of which can be automated!

You can create these video ads using our After Effects plug-in or our HTML5-based template, each offering its unique advantages.

We recommend using HTML-5 based templates when you want to work with a real-time preview, easily make real-time changes, and prefer to keep the entire creative process within the Cape environment. Do you prefer full creative freedom when creating your video ads, including custom animations and special effects? Then the After Effects plug-in might be the one for you!

Interested in learning more about our template designer feature? Stay tuned for more info or reach out for a demo!