Change Your Advertising Game with Cape: Unleashing the Power of Dynamic Creativity and Meta Recognition

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calendar icon29 January 2024

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Are you tired of uninspiring and underperforming traditional brochure-style product ads? It's time to transform your creative processes with Cape! Imagine effortlessly creating and publishing beautiful, on-brand dynamic product ads that not only look amazing but also significantly boost your performance. With Cape, you're not just advertising; you're changing the game. 

Creatives are the New Targeting 

In today's digital world, the key is simple: Creatives are the new targeting. How well your campaign performs is directly connected to how creative it is. Meta's insights tell us that a whopping 56% of a campaign's success depends on its creative side and Meta even recognises and rewards ad’s creative excellence. However, today's marketers face the challenge to stay creative while delivering an immense amount of content to meet the market's demand. But not to worry, Cape can help you overcome this challenge!

Streamlined Creativity with Cape 

Say goodbye to the time-consuming and repetitive design tasks. Empower your creative arsenal with Cape, and watch as your ads not only get more exposure but also a boost in Click-Through Rates (CTRs). Cape's innovative solutions, including dynamic templates, ads, and feeds, advanced AI features, and high-level reporting, enable you to easily take your creative production to the next level. Get ready to unleash insane creatives faster, better, and easier. 

The Power of Dynamic Ads 

Take your campaigns to new heights with dynamic advertising, delivering personalised content effortlessly, anytime and anywhere. Revolutionise your approach by incorporating data feeds for automated creative production and ad operations, ensuring your ads consistently hit the mark. With Cape, you can create dynamic video and product ads, use hyper-local targeting, craft location-based ads, implement time-based and weather-based ads, tailor to demographics, and even introduce countdown ads. Cape’s dynamic ad features bring the power of:

  1. High Personalisation: Cape enables you to tailor your ads to your audience's preferences, creating a more personalised connection. 

  2. Product-Focused: Showcase what you offer in real-time, ensuring that your audience sees your latest and most relevant offerings. 

  3. Dynamic Updates: Stay ahead of the curve by ensuring your content is always relevant, capturing your audience's attention at every moment. 

  4. Optimised Cross-Device Targeting: Reach your audience wherever they are, ensuring a seamless and consistent experience across various devices. 

  5. Proven Effectiveness: Drive engagement and conversions with dynamic ads that have been proven to be highly effective. 

Harness AI with Cape

Create next level digital campaigns with AI technology. Easily let AI empower your content creation, enhance images, organise asset management, and enhance visuals effortlessly. Our AI-analysis feature provides valuable insights and recommendations on your content, and evaluates and enhances key elements like colour, composition, sharpness, brightness, logo positioning, and facial expressions for a lasting impression on your audience.

Redefine Possibilities with High-level Reporting

Empower your next campaign with the insights you gain. With Cape, you're not just hoping for success; you're planning for it. Measure your multichannel campaigns with high-level reporting. Easily get real-time insights in campaign performance, based on metrics like view rates, click-through rates, A/B rests, and more. This isn't just about data – it's about transforming that data into actionable creative intelligence, ensuring your campaigns consistently deliver top-notch performance. 

Charting the Course Forward with Cape

Let's redefine what's possible in digital advertising together. It's time to elevate your creative game and leave a lasting impact on your audience. Experience the future of advertising with Cape – where creativity meets performance.