Unleash the Potential of Your Online Retail Strategy with These 5 Must-Know Tips

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calendar icon01 March 2023

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The convenience of online shopping has led to an increase in e-commerce sales, with future global e-commerce sales projected to reach almost a quarter of all retail sales in 2025. However, there are some challenges accompanying this growth.

In today’s economy, product relevance changes as quickly as the weather and with every “TikTok made me buy it” video, so your campaigning process needs to be agile enough to keep up. All product ads have (or should have!) their own audience targeting, correct pricing, and up-to-date availability. On top of that, there are loads of campaign moments where campaigns need to be prepared while others are still at their peak. And, no doubt, retail media is already a key driver for your revenue growth, or it is at least on top of your wish list. But the process involves lots of stakeholders, emailing back and forth, and ads that need to nail the look and feel of your platform. So.. plenty of challenges! Luckily we have five tips for retailers to overcome them.

  1. Feed-based creation and automated ad ops

For your campaigns that run 365 days a year, the first focus should be on automating both your creative and publishing setup. A feed setup that manages both the creative production and automated ad ops can achieve this for you. This way, you can implement real-time campaign changes without touching a button and let your feed do the work for you.

  1. Creative optimisation

Of course, you want your ads looking fresh to avoid the notorious ad fatigue, test variations for better-performing ads and get the best value out of your ad spend. Achieve this by changing to easy dynamic templates, using A/B(C/D/E) testing, or creating your ad variations fully feed-based. And the best part: you don't have to work from a Google sheet or redesign anything yourself! Create all your variations in a simple click-and-go, whichever option you choose. From there, you can easily link feeds for smart campaigning.

  1. Smarter campaigns

Incorporate real-time data into your ads, such as the weather or changing prices, as this lays the foundation for smart campaigns. Add data sets to create alternative variations, different ads sets, or even automatically make changes to your campaign set up. Automatically pause a campaign when a product is locally out-of-stock, or when you’re out priced by the competition. Instead, promote the next best alternative that serves an ad that focuses less on price and more on user ratings.

  1. Full brand consistent campaign flights

With so many campaign moments, from your holiday campaigns to mid-season sales, or weekly campaigns that align with your leaflets, you need an agile process to create, update, and publish your ads. Work with different predefined campaign concepts or create fresh designs time and again with a template designer. You can edit these concepts manually or feed-based to create variations for any market, or add additional features, like automatic countdown options, items left in-stock, or automatic language changes. Produce all creatives with just a few clicks and even customise your feed-based ads post-production.

  1. A tailored self-serve retail media approach

Simplify your digital marketing with Cape's preset campaign workflows. Easily guide your advertisers through custom briefings, input forms, and creative uploads. Use predefined templates with in-tool validation for faster asset creation. Once approved, creatives can be published via pre-set publication profiles to any ad platform, fully automated.  Cape streamlines online retail ads for operational excellence, brand consistency, and a boost in ad performance.