Revolutionising Recruitment: Personalised and Localised Campaigns for Success

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calendar icon10 July 2024

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In today's fast-paced and competitive job market, recruitment campaigns must be more than just a generic call for applications. They need to be tailored, targeted, and timely to attract the right talent. Many businesses struggle with personalising and localising their recruitment campaigns, missing out on the opportunity to connect with the right candidates. With creative automation, you can easily launch successful recruitment campaigns across multiple markets. Target effectively, push urgent vacancies, and pause filled positions for a seamless and efficient process.

Maximising Impact with Campaign Automation

One effective way to be more relevant and targeted in your recruitment campaigns is by leveraging creative automation, which allows you to produce ads faster and more efficiently. With less time spent on repetitive tasks, you can focus on creating content tailored to specific markets or roles. Additionally, campaign automation can further enhance relevance by enabling precise targeting based on location and audience segmentation. This means you can deliver different ads to different groups, ensuring your message resonates with the right candidates. 

Connect with Local Talent through Global Campaign Concepts

Local branches often lack the expertise or budget to create strong recruitment campaigns that align with the brand identity. Empower them with a campaign library of ready-to-use recruitment ads. Cape’s input validation ensures local branches can only modify essential elements, like job details, location, start time, and salary. The in-tool authorisation management allows the global team to review and approve local recruitment ads quickly through an intuitive interface, ensuring global campaigns are tailored to local hiring needs and can go live smoothly.

Targeted Publication Profiles to Engage Local Talent

Templatise your media buying process by capturing your campaign strategies in reusable publication profiles. Fully automate ad trafficking and campaign setup on any ad platform, allowing you to easily publish to all channels and target the right audience. Evaluate and refine these profiles over time to enhance your media buying effectiveness.

Simplify Recruitment Campaign Management with Feeds

Connect a spreadsheet to an ad template and all your accounts, allowing you to publish localised and targeted recruitment campaigns across all media channels and markets. This spreadsheet can include details like office locations, job positions, and language variations. Updates made to the spreadsheet automatically transfer to the campaign, ensuring changes only need to be entered once. Changes in the feed can automatically push high-urgency vacancies and pause filled positions. This enables a fully automated process of creative production, ad serving, campaign management, and location targeting.

Success Stories with Cape

Many leading companies are already benefiting from Cape’s creative automation to revolutionise their recruitment campaigns. Just Eat and Picnic have seamlessly handled their recruitment efforts when launching in new cities, not only boosting brand awareness but also attracting new riders to serve their growing clientele. Tempo Team leverages creative automation to make small adjustments for each vacancy, ensuring their ads are more relevant to the specific market or role. The speed and efficiency of Cape’s automation give these companies the time to focus on creating more targeted and effective recruitment content, tailored to specific markets and roles.

Transform Your Recruitment Strategy Today

In a dynamic job market, successful recruitment requires campaigns that are personalised, localised, and efficiently managed. By embracing these automation tools, your recruitment efforts can become not only more efficient but also more impactful and engaging for potential hires - while saving time and reducing errors. Cape has proven to be the solution that leading companies rely on to revolutionise their recruitment campaigns.

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