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calendar icon23 February 2024

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Exciting news! We're introducing a new AI innovation that will take your experience with Cape to the next level. Meet Sidekick – your new chatbot-like AI assistant, ready to guide you at every step.

Sidekick is not just a regular chatbot; it’s an all-round language model designed to communicate and answer any of your questions. But there is more! Sidekick goes beyond just responding; it can actively perform tasks, such as creating and setting up new campaigns and guiding you through the whole process. Think of it as your own digital assistant, simplifying your workflow so you can focus on checking, adjusting, and tweaking campaigns as needed. 

As with most AI tools, Sidekick is a continuous learner. It will evolve, improve, and get smarter as you interact with it, all with the goal to better serve you. While Sidekick becomes smarter as you use it, we're also committed to develop the tool even further. Here's a sneak peek of exciting developments that are yet to come: 

  • Automated Variant Creation and A/B Generation: Soon, Sidekick will create multiple ad versions in various formats based on just one ad you create. Picture an entire ad campaign generated seamlessly by AI, while you only need to design one version.

  • Fully Chat-Driven Campaigns: With Sidekick, crafting your ideal campaign will be as easy as having a chat. Simply tell Sidekick what you want, like a meta campaign with specific ad styles following your local campaign template. The outcome? A personalised campaign structure, all done through a simple chat with Sidekick.

As we step into the future of digital marketing, Sidekick stands as living proof of our commitment to innovation. It's not just an AI assistant; it's a revolution in campaign management. Stay tuned for more updates as we evolve and redefine the way you approach digital marketing campaigns. The future is here, and it's powered by Cape!