Elevating Excellence: Our Next Chapter in AI Implementation

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calendar icon06 October 2023

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Exciting news! As we discussed in our previous blog, Cape has been incorporating AI in various ways, and now, we're introducing new AI innovations to further enhance our environment.

Object Remover

Cape's object remover uses advanced AI to automatically identify and seamlessly remove objects from an image, while preserving the surrounding context.

Background Remover

Cape's background remover uses AI to segment and extract the foreground objects. This feature accurately identifies the subject of the image and removes the background, leaving a transparent background.

Image Expand

Cape's image expand feature can expand an image beyond what has been photographed to create a larger background. This feature uses AI to add new pixels to the image and fill in any gaps, resulting in a larger, high-quality image.


Cape's upscale feature uses AI technology to enhance the quality of low-resolution images. This feature can increase the resolution of an image while maintaining its look and feel, resulting in a sharper and clearer image.

Visual analysis

Cape uses AI to score images on various scales, like colour, composition, sharpness, brightness, logo positioning scale, facial expression, text, etc. Get the valuable insights and recommendations to elevate your creatives and leave a lasting impression. Read more about our visual analysis feature here.