Campaign Automation: Faster, Better, Easier

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calendar icon14 August 2023

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Marketers nowadays have more platforms available than ever before to target their customers, test creative strategies, and optimise campaigns. These new opportunities can boost performance but also bring along some challenges. To keep up with the market's pace, businesses need to deliver an exponential amount of content, which is impossible when done manually.

But first.. What actually is  campaign automation? 

Campaign automation is a tech-driven solution for digital advertising and campaign management. This solution allows you to create beautifully designed and highly relevant ads at scale, collaborate more easily with all stakeholders, and automate your ad ops and campaign activation. On average, it takes between one and half and six hours to set up a campaign. With campaign automation, this takes you only 20 minutes. 

Let’s look at this step by step

Campaign automation is a wide-ranging term, but here's what it includes at Cape.

Automate your creative production

Creative asset production, whether handled in-house or outsourced to an agency, can be very time-consuming and expensive when done manually – especially if your campaign volume grows or if you have to create for multiple markets. Far better to devote your time to ad design than to the production process. Use dynamic and brand-consistent templates and link with feeds to easily scale across all markets in a matter of seconds.

Automate your publishing

Publish in one click to connect with your audiences instantly across any platform in a heartbeat. Tasks like manually booking campaigns are error-prone and time-consuming. Campaign automation can automate your omnichannel delivery, campaign activation and ad trafficking and seamlessly integrate with your ad tech. Connect to your current stack via unique API integrations, including ad-servers and DSPs. 

Smarter campaigns

Different markets ask for different campaign needs: from different languages to local nuances, tones of voice, and brand identities. Use campaign automation to make your creatives truly audience-based and increase the ad relevance of your eye-catching designs. 

  • Incorporate real-time data into your ads, such as the weather, time-of-day, and changing prices. If the weather changes, so does your ad! 

  • Add feeds to automatically create alternative variations, pause campaigns when a product is locally out-of-stock, or promote daily deals per targeted area. 

  • Implement automated A/B testing where the tool automatically publishes the best performing creative to the right audience.