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Just Eat speeds up global campaign creation with automation

Just Eat operates in 23 countries, making it the largest food delivery service in Europe and a leading contender worldwide. To support their growth, they needed a more efficient way to manage their marketing campaigns.

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Creating marketing assets was a labor-intensive process involving multiple departments. The design team manually built HTML5 banners, which were then transferred via Wetransfer and categorised without automation. Each campaign had to be tailored for three stages—awareness, activation, and retention—and localised for each market and language. This manual process was time-consuming and inefficient, making it difficult to adapt quickly to changes.


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Just Eat implemented Cape to streamline their creative and publishing processes. Cape translated their brand guide into templates for all online channels, allowing the team to quickly generate and deploy assets across various digital platforms like Google Campaign Manager, Google DV360, and Meta. This automation reduced repetitive tasks and enabled rapid campaign launches.


Just Eat now creates and publishes campaigns in just 20 minutes, compared to the previous two-week timeline. The design team focuses more on creativity and strategy, significantly reducing the time spent on operational tasks. The marketing team has more time to optimise campaigns, leading to better performance and engagement. Additionally, budget efficiency has improved, as the team can now produce multiple asset sets at a fraction of the previous cost, allowing for more detailed and strategic campaign planning.




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"We can be especially proud because there is now so much more variety in assets available. We can take steps in optimisation and relevance much faster. For example, we really have a performance-driven department, and they now have a whole overview of new banners available at the click of a button, which we didn't have at all before."

Yannick Kant - Global Lead @

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