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Air France optimises digital marketing efforts worldwide with effortless campaign localisation and email solutions

Air France is one of the largest airlines in France, operating flights to over 200 destinations worldwide. Founded in 1933, Air France is known for its exceptional customer service, innovative technology, and commitment to sustainability, making it a top choice for travellers around the world. To communicate these services to a wide audience, they turned to Cape to facilitate an omnichannel presence.

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Air France faces marketing challenges that it must overcome to remain competitive in the ever-changing marketplace. With its presence in over 90 markets, more marketing platforms available than ever before and a very dynamic customer demand, Air France must deliver an exponential amount of content. They need a wide range of social media content and converting email campaigns that stand out in overflowing inboxes. Add to that the corresponding translations and localisations to stay relevant and target customers across all markets, cultures, and languages, all while staying in line with the brand identity. 


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Cape offers a global asset library linked to automatic translation and distribution for local teams or agencies. Air France effortlessly adds new social and email formats, ensuring all assets meet ad specs globally. The global team invests in templates, covering licensing costs, enabling smaller markets to use them at no extra expense. Cape's email solution features a user-friendly interface, no coding needed. Air France can now send personalised emails that contain the latest deals and pricing per location. Custom building blocks allow image uploads, dropdowns, and feed integrations for automated pricing and offers. And, they can now set up landing pages in-tool so everyone gets to the right website destination.


With this set-up, Air France is able to effortlessly create, scale and deliver all-round campaigns across all 90 markets. The process isn’t just more efficient and cost-saving, it has also got much more effective. Most decisions are steered by the global branding team and they can immediately create and distribute all creatives with the right specs, aligning with the global strategy, brand identity, and content compliances. Working with Cape has also impacted their operational processes greatly so they can now focus on improved test & learn processes through faster turnaround time, flexibility and no costs included.




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