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Basic-Fit delivers localised and targeted campaigns across Europe with one spreadsheet

Basic-Fit is a fitness brand with over 1100+ gym locations across 5 European countries. Basic-Fit had already seen great success using Cape to create personalised display and social ads for all their different gyms. However, their next goal is to advertise to potential customers for each unique gym location, without excessive manual labor taking up time and valuable resources.

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Basic-Fit wants on-brand ads that could be tailored to each individual gym location, so they need a solution that accounts for things like club-specific offers, maximum club enrolment reached, or enable extra focus to either a new club or garner a members boost at an existing club. This means they need an easy way to pause or edit a unique gym's ad campaign with minimal hassle. With so many locations in Europe, they turned to Cape to manage these dynamic creatives in a scalable set-up.


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With a single spreadsheet that contains information such as individual club locations, special offers, and language variations of the correct copy, Basic-Fit can use this spreadsheet to automatically manage full creative production, ad serving, campaign management, and targeting of locations in 5 different countries. The Google spreadsheet connects to a Cape ad template and to all Basic-Fit accounts, meaning their scaling problem is resolved, and now they can publish to all media channels in one simple click! If the spreadsheet is updated for whatever reason, that change is automatically transferred over to their campaign as well. Changes are required to be inputted only once, in one singular destination, and Cape takes care of the rest.


Basic-Fit now automatically manages its video ads throughout Europe with a feed-based and scalable setup. With ads that are targeted within a radius (1 - 10 km) around nearby clubs, the target audiences always receive relevant ads from the closest club to them. Cape's automatic campaign management ensures that all pre-rendered ads go to Meta Ads - where budgeting is automatic and hyperlocal. Basic-Fit can now enjoy the fruits of localised and targeted marketing to prospects within minutes, amping up their campaigns and reaping the rewards.


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โ€œWe can do a lot ourselves now, instead of hiring expensive agencies to do fairly simple work. For example, the head operation manager can adapt and publish the display sets himself. That link with Google CM360, DV360, or Meta for Business is extremely important: you can put a campaign live right away."

Roddy van der Maat, Lead Content Marketing at Basic-Fit

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