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ERA uses hyperlocal and fully automated ads to capture supply and demand

ERA Belgium, a major player in Europe's growing real estate sector, targets local buyers and sellers with hyperlocal ads using zip code locations. With a fully automated creation and publication process they can ensure a fast and hyperlocal campaign approach to show homes within specific neighbourhoods.

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ERA Belgium faced a challenge in managing its Meta Ads Manager and Google Ads for displaying various property campaigns. Managing numerous houses, locations, target audiences, and dynamic buy/sell prices poses a risk of manual errors. The fact that demand exceeds supply also adds complexity. Finding a scalable approach to reach potential sellers becomes crucial. ERA aims to use zip code targeting to broaden its market and showcase homes for sale or recently sold, encouraging residents to sell as well.


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ERA creates feed-based campaigns with all ad specifications, including image, address, city, and realtor details. Realtors can customise ad descriptions, maintaining on-brand consistency and adding local insights. Ads are continually updated and automatically published as soon as data changes in the feed. Feeds process validity dates and special conditions, ensuring ads and ad groups are consistently up-to-date. With pre-set targeting based on distance, the ads consistently reach the right buyer or seller, supported by the inclusion of two languages for each property.


ERA now enables 65 brokers to effortlessly manage social and display ads, aligning with ERA’s brand guidelines. Even those with no previous experience in online advertising and ad platforms can now easily set up new ads and add a local touch. The automated cross-platform publishing eliminates the need for intermediaries with the head office, saving time while creating a large scale of highly relevant, localised ads with a consistent look and feel.


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