Proximus increases relevancy and accelerates campaign creation with real-time feeds

Proximus, Belgium’s largest provider for TV, Internet, and mobile phones, frequently updates its always-on campaigns. Tailoring both their message and product offering to a granular audience setup is key here. So, how do they set this up quickly and scalable?

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The challenge

Proximus runs an elaborate set of Always On campaigns across different channels. These campaigns require frequent updates of their creatives and targeting. A typical campaign update with new creatives may hold around 10 different product offers (i.e. ads) across 2 languages, 2 channels, and 10 ad formats. Each of these product offers has its own relation to one or a set of audiences in the DSP. This comprehensive approach allows for relevant and timely messages to the (right) consumer, but at the same time, it required a lot of work on a repetitive basis.

Demands for marketing automation

Proximus thus wants to optimize its display, social, and online video advertising processes and bring campaigns to live faster. So they need a way to create error-free and on-brand ads that are directly linked to Google Marketing Platform and Meta for Business. The best way to do this is to fully automate the creative and campaign process, but let Proximus stay in control for final tweaks.

The solution

With creative ánd campaign automation, Proximus has reduced production costs of their creatives as well as replaced hours dedicated to repetitive tasks with quality work. The dynamic ads now connect to a content source feed, so when they select a product for their ads, the price or promotion and other product specs are automatically rendered. An integrated product selector ensures that this is a clear and easy process. With feeds that are updated every day, the ads only show in-stock products and up-to-date pricing.


For Proximus, Cape has provided a solution in which their campaigns are manageable from a single platform, with automated campaign creation in CM360, DV360, and Meta Ads Manager. Campaign updates can be planned and published with a single click, while the creative team has gained the freedom to design and tailor each ad manually with full control, based on our elaborate and template-based creative builder.

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