Wehkamp manages 38 campaigns with a feed-based campaign setup and customizes social, display, and video ads post-production

Wehkamp, the largest online department store in the Netherlands, opted for feed-based automation to get a better grip on their weekly renewed campaigns. However, they still wanted to remain full creative freedom over the outcome of their ads. With Cape they were able to hit the sweet spot between feed-based campaigning and pixel-perfect lifestyle imagery for all their ads!

Creative freedom
Campaigns renewed weekly


Feed-based creative production is great for fast campaigning. However, working with various different formats and lifestyle image backgrounds all derived from a single line in an Excel sheet can easily produce an undesired outcome. Take for example certain words or sentences that are too long for mobile formats, CTA button colours that don't match your background image or lifestyle images that are awkwardly cropped for skyscraper or story formats. Not ideal when you want lots of creative freedom, like Wehkamp!

Wehkamp challenge


As the largest online department store in the Netherlands, it should be no surprise that Wehkamp works with feed-based solutions to keep up with the ever-growing content production of its extensive inventory. With one feed for all different products, ranging from fashion and beauty to sports equipment and interior attributes, Wehkamp wants to use this feed to create hundreds of personalised ads, while still having full creative freedom. In addition, Wehkamp wants to be in full control of the entire campaign setup, so integrations with their desired platforms are a must.


Feed-based creation and publication remove the repetitive and time-consuming workload of setting up ads per product manually and linking these to the designated target audience. A rich content feed generates hundreds of personalised ads that can be previewed in seconds. Wehkamp can easily edit the feed-produced ads in real-time with a live preview - even videos! Wehkamp also automated their publication process, so they can automatically publish as HTML5 to CM360- or as MP4/JPEG to MFB and other desired social platforms.

Wehkamp challenge


With 38 campaigns that are renewed every week, Wehkamp now benefits from feed-based campaigning with pixel-perfect lifestyle imagery ads for all display, social, and video formats. Every element in the template can be edited separately after they are created with the feed, allowing Wehkamp full creative freedom of their ad variations. When the creative process is finished, products are automatically linked to the designated ads and then published into existing campaigns in Wehkamp’s ad platforms!

Leontien Boere - Digital Marketeer @ Wehkamp

“Putting so many campaigns live every week without (the right) tooling is a big task, especially since we use so many lifestyle images in our ads that have to look good for every format. Cape has more advanced possibilities than our previous ways of working - we can now edit each feed-produced ad before publishing them!”