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Libéma streamlines ad creation for multiple locations and brands

Libéma is one of the largest leisure concerns in the Netherlands. Operating across Amusement Parks, Holiday Parks, and Fairs & Events venues, Libéma offers beautiful locations catering to both families and the corporate sector. They want to easily create social, image, video, and display ads for their varying industries to always resonate with their different audiences.

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Before using Cape, the main challenge faced by Libéma was the time-consuming process of creating image, video, and display banners for their different locations. This involved ping-ponging back and forth between all the teams to adjust, fine-tune, and approve the ads. This process, taking 4-10 hours per banner set, became a bottleneck in the campaign process, leading to delays and inefficiencies. Since each of Libéma’s locations has its own brand guide, manually creating these ads was even more time-consuming and error-prone.


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Cape’s advanced templating system enables seamless display, social, and video ad creation that aligns with all their locations’ brand guidelines. From amusement parks to event venues, they all have a different brand guide. After easily creating a template by themselves, they can reuse it countless times for each location and adapt the content as needed. Libéma can now effortlessly make adjustments and coordinate within a single environment for all their locations.


With this setup, Libéma can effortlessly create, scale and deliver their campaigns for different channels and locations, while always staying on-brand. Their optimised asset creation significantly reduced time to market with slashed banner animation time from 4-10 hours to 15-30 minutes. These improvements give them more time for optimisation, testing, and learning. Additionally, preview links of banner sets can now be sent to brand leads, streamlining feedback without the need to download zip files, reducing errors, and improving the feedback process. The new templates have alleviated the heavy burden on creative teams, allowing more time for optimisation, testing, and learning.


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