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New York Pizza leverages hyperlocal and fully automated ads to boost franchise performance

New York Pizza, a leading fast-food chain in the Netherlands, targets local customers using precise location and age targeting through automated ads. Their fully automated campaign process ensures swift and hyperlocal promotions, maintaining brand consistency and driving significant sales growth across over 300 locations.

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Before using Cape, New York Pizza faced significant challenges in their online advertising. In 2020, they shifted to online media platforms and implemented store-by-store targeting. Each store managed its own marketing budget based on turnover and franchisee contributions. However, manually handling campaigns for over 300 branches with different targeting strategies was error-prone and chaotic, especially with 1.2 million budget reallocations per year. Additionally, offering six different campaigns monthly to franchises made maintaining brand consistency difficult, and analysing campaign performance was nearly impossible without automation.


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NYP works with Netprofiler as their agency and uses Cape for a fully automated setup that includes advanced feed mapping and automated publishing across all desired platforms. This solution enables precise location and age targeting and allows for seamless management of ad status, budgets, and campaign timing. Feed mapping is also integrated into the creative templates, linking elements like video, location, and price to specific feed lines. Franchisees can indicate their participation per campaign in a data sheet and enter their relevant data into that sheet. Changes in the feed automatically trigger updates, with localised ads published directly to the ad platform.


With Cape, New York Pizza and Netproflier now generate 18,000 dynamic ads per month, offer multiple on-brand promotions, and automatically update budgets for every store and promotion. These changes have driven significant sales growth, surpassing previous offline efforts and industry benchmarks. By automating manual tasks, Netprofiler now spends 55% less time on campaign setup and adjustments, increasing monthly experiments fivefold. Automation in social campaigns reduced CPC by 11%, driving more traffic within existing budgets. They also improved average order value, conversion rate, and customer retention while reducing cost per order.


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“With the assistance of Cape’s tool, we are able to efficiently set up five to six distinct campaigns each month for all 300 NYP stores. The dynamic features offered by the tool also allow us to make swift adjustments to advertisements during the campaigns. This combination of efficiency and flexibility has significantly improved our campaign management process.”

Robert de Zeeuw, New York Pizza

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