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Solis increases brand & product awareness throughout Europe by launching "So simple. So Solis." online & social campaigns

LiveWall & Cape have been challenged by Solis & our partner in crime, Emakina, to provide creative direction and high-quality production for a large amount of (online) & social content campaigns. The goal: increase the brand proposition and conversion of Solis their kitchen appliances.

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Creating video ads traditionally follows a linear storyline, but modern online cross-channel, multi-format campaigns demand innovative production methods. Solis faces this challenge as they launch across Europe, requiring ads in multiple languages. With goals focused on brand awareness and product conversion, Solis employs a Touch, Tell, Sell strategy to craft a cohesive customer journey. Balancing creativity with scalability poses a challenge—how can brand storytelling maintain relevance while being adaptable? LiveWall and Cape collaborate to dynamically blend video content, creating tailored variations for diverse target audiences across digital touch points.


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With so many specs in the creation process to consider; copy in 6 different languages that have to be shown at the right time, different frames per format, and making sure the storyline is clear for every variation; video automation is the perfect solution. With feed-based automation by Cape, LiveWall could translate its visionary for Solis into omnichannel content that is easily scaled to all online & social channels. This innovative form of creative production resulted in over 780 ad variations.


LiveWall combined their view of the creative production with the video automation of Cape to manage the creation and scaling, considering that Solis promotes 6 products, 3 phases (i.e. Touch, Tell, Sell), 4 variations per phase, ánd make these adaptable to 3 different ad formats. With the best of both LiveWall and Cape, Solis created relevant omnichannel video content that adapts to all online formats and possible variations. The So simple, So Solis campaign is the perfect example of the digital production way of thinking, where you can build a storyline from several separate assets and thus reduce production costs for creative agencies.




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