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PublishEngine supports publication of ads to all different ad and content platforms. This allows you to push your message across any channel in any format and give a new way meaning to campaigning and content marketing.
Our supported channels
We support Instagram ads via Facebook marketing platform. This includes stories, posts and carousel ads.
We support Facebook Marketing platform and organic social Facebook posts.
You can publish your Snapchat ads via the Publish Engine
We support organic Pinterest Post via the API.
You can publish video’s to your organic Youtube feed. This can also be used for Google Ads or DCM placements.
Google Ads
Our platform includes publishing textads, video ads and display ads using Google Ads platform.
Google Marketing Platform
We support Google Marketing Platform for trafficking video and display ads. Our platform sets up the correct naming conventions and structure.
We support the Google Write API to set up your line items and insertion orders.
Campaign Manager
Get your ads in CM with the naming convention in your structure. Including automated asset validation.
We can make sure that your emails get published to Salesforce using our API.
social fit
Embrace all social formats and create truly fit for channel social advertising
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publish engine
Schedule and publish via the APIs of Facebook and GMP with one single click
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video affectivity
Let affection meet effectivity and create dynamic videos that connect
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