Cape is helping Just Eat in saving the day

Just Eat is a food delivery service that is booming. Active in 23 countries, they are currently the largest European food delivery company, and are well on their way to becoming the largest worldwide. Just Eat is using Cape’s marketing automation software to accelerate their mission.

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The challenge for marketing tech automation

Marketing assets were typically created by the design department, built in HTML5 banners and transferred via Wetransfer. This normally involved a lot of files without automation, which means all had to be categorized by design, name and moment and be put in place manually. In total, more than five departments were involved in putting campaigns live. Now, hold this thought. All this had to be done for not one, but three marketing stages: awareness, activation and retention - each with its own messaging. And on top of that, add localization for every market and language to the mix. Again, without automation. Feeling dizzy yet?

Imagine the number of sighs that were exchanged when something needed to be changed in the assets, and the whole process had to be started from scratch again. The team figured things had to be done differently - and sooner rather than later.

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Carving out the demands for automation tooling

The digital department, responsible for the digital performance carved out some important demands for their marketing automation: their new tooling and way of working needed to be efficient, in terms of resources, time and process. Or as Yannick Kant, Global Lead Programmatic Display, Video and Social Advertising says: “We needed to find a way to minimize spending time on things that we were doing most at that time.” In order to be more efficient, not only the creative process needed to be reinvented, but also the publishing process needed to be in the tooling. Oh, and preferably across all digital channels: display, social, affiliate, mobile app campaigns, etc.. And automated. Would that be too much?

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Another demand was that the new tooling and way of working needed to be scalable and future-proof: as Just Eat is ever growing. They need to be able to move swiftly and set up campaigns as localized with local formats, optimized to mobile formats. But not only Just Eat, the tool also needed to be future-proof in an ever-changing digital world, with new platforms consistently on the rise. The team wanted to create time to discover new platforms. Yannick continues: “If something like Snapchat or TikTok happens to be the cool new platform that works for our customers, we need to have the future possibility to integrate it in our tooling.” Well, it’s probably no surprise; Just Eat found its match in Cape.

The automated solution

Cape translated Just Eat Takeaway.coms brand guide into templates for all online channel assets. By using this template, the team can create different assets in form and function, for each and every market in an instant. The automation removes a large element of the repetition in the creative process, much like adjusting the size of the logo in different banners. What’s more, if the team wishes to do so, that exact same campaign can go live within 20 minutes with all assets in Google Campaign Manager, Google DV360 and Facebook Business Manager. It’s a full service automation tech solution that captures exactly what their hearts desire - not only internally but also externally. Yannick: “We run a lot of mobile app campaigns. Those are not pushed via DV360, but in the end we do need to create assets for our app partners such as Jampp and Remerge and provide them with our correct sets.”

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Saving the day with automation

The design team at Just Eat the House of Creation, spends a lot less time producing banners. Everyone is now much more concerned with creativity and strategy than operational executive work. Furthermore, the marketing team also has much more time to optimize campaigns and assets based on creativity, targeting, creation and billing. Yannick: “Having this part of the job minimalized is making the job more fun for everyone.” Ultimately, what took two weeks before, can now be done within an hour, for all 23 markets in all formats needed.”

Budgeting has also changed for the better since Just Eat started working with Cape’s automation software. Yannick gives us a peek into his world: “Normally Just Eat would have spent over 10,000 euros on having creation available for all digital assets. Or we would have had an agency fly in to create a full set of assets and that's it. But that’s also what you pay for: let's say 80,000 to 90,000 euros. And then you only have one set.” With the tooling set up, the team has been able to create different templates in different formats in the blink of an eye. “We made some big steps there. Where we previously had to juggle and spend a big chunk of campaign budgets on creation. We now look much more at details and ask ourselves why we do things. We can now take more steps than we ever did before.”

Yannick adds: “We can be especially proud because there is now so much more variety in assets available. We can take steps in optimization and relevance much faster. For example, we really have a performance-driven department, and they now have a whole overview of new banners available at the click of a button, which we didn't have at all before.”

External parties working with automation tools

Another advantage is the fact that Just Eat Takeaway.coms external partners can work with the Cape tech tooling directly. As Yannick explains: “We are no longer dependent on the designs to work together. They have their correct assets that have been brand approved available to them, so we can also work with them on a higher strategic level. We can switch much faster. And in addition to that, we can now be much more relevant with expressions, which was not fully the case before.”