ERA uses hyperlocal and fully automated ads to capture supply and demand

ERA Belgium, part of the fastest-growing residential real estate networks in Europe, wants to target real estate buyers and sellers based on their zip code location with highly localised ads. These ads feature homes in their specific neighbourhoods. With Cape, they automated the entire creation and publication process so that the campaign process acts fast and hyperlocal.

Automated ad updates daily
Feedbased ad creation & trafficking
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Challenge and demands

ERA Belgium wants to automate the campaigning process for their socials via Meta Ads Manager, as well as display with Google Ads to show their various campaigns of homes that are for sale or recently sold. You can imagine that when ERA’s real estate agents have to take into account all these houses, locations, target audiences, and prices for buy or sell need to be up-to-date, it is a tough task to handle this manually with a big risk of making mistakes in the creation process.

In addition: when demand outpaces supply, how do brokers find a scalable way to approach potential sellers? ERA wants to use zip code targeting in their ads to increase the market and show sold neighbourhood homes to encourage local residents to sell too.

To create relevant cross-channel ads that work locally, a feed-based approach serves as a true end-to-end solution. What ERA needs: feeds that are connected to Cape’s templating system so the creation, publication, and targeting are managed automatically.

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The solution

With a feed that has all ad specs: image, address, city, and realtor, ERA applies conditions for the feed integration so that ads can be set up automatically. When necessary, ad descriptions can still be customized so realtors can create on-brand ads themselves and add any details that only local realtors know. Validity dates or any other special conditions can be processed in the feeds, so ad or ad groups are always up-to-date. With pre-set targeting that determines the audience by distance, the ads are always shown to the right buyer or seller.

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65 brokers can now easily manage social and display ads for (part of their) offerings according to ERA’s brand guidelines, even without any prior knowledge of online advertising and ad platforms. These ads can be automatically published cross-platform without the need for an intermediary with the head office. This saves many hours and allows for a large scale of highly relevant, localized ads with a uniform look and feel.